Color Me Cute Loungewear

6 patterns for $18!

Have fun with your knitting and discover your irresistible cuteness and charm in this colorful collection of Girly Knits patterns.  From cozy shorts, to a cuddly robe, to sweet intimate items with delicate ruffles and bows, lounging around will feel that much more sweet!  “Color Me Cute” Loungewear offers a range of patterns that are easy to follow and fun to knit, with opportunities to build on your enviable knitting skills.  You will have no problem showing your friends how very awesome knitting is with these unique knitted designs that show off your talent while bringing out the gorgeous girl that you are.

The patterns included in this collection are Glamour Girl, Knitting is Awesome, Gorgeous Shorties, Cuddle Bunny, Bow-dacious Bikini, and Cables and Curves.  By purchasing this collection you will get 50% off each pattern!

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